The ONLY API authorised Training for API Q1 (9th) & API Q2 (1st) in Europe. Both Public & Company "In-House" courses provided

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API Q1 (9th) & API Q2 (1st) Training
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Q1-Q2 Specialist Ltd.
Puglia & Gloucestershire
Italy & United Kingdom

API Q1 & API Q2 Auditor Training.

API Q1 (9th Ed) + API Q2 (1st Ed) Public courses. Facility / "In-House" training also available.

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Provision of National & International American Petroleum Institute University (API-U) API Q1 (9th Edition) and API Q2 (1st Edition) training courses by API Washington, USA certificated Master Tutors based in Europe. Public & company "In-House" presentations available.
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The official Public API Q1 (9th Edition) & API Q2 (1st Edition) training + API 6A/6D & Auditor training courses provided in Europe & North Africa. "In-House / Private" courses can be provided upon request.
Antonio DeVita (Italy) & Geoff Lester (UK) - are the only 2 American Petroleum Institute University (API-U) Q1 & Q2 qualified & authorised Master Trainers based in Europe. API-CPD - API-QPD & API University qualified. E-mail:
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Q1-Q2 Specialists Ltd.
Over 40 years experience in business development & provision of international QA Auditing & Training services to the Oil, Gas & Petro-Chemical industries. Specialties include Company / Country / Service evaluation & business development activities; training, corporate governance; sales; marketing; enhancement / improvement of existing operations and new services design and development worldwide. Quality Assurance Services
Q1-Q2 Specialists Ltd. provide “Assurance for Petroleum Industries” - specialising in American Petroleum Institute (API) Q1 / Q2 - APICPD - APIQPD Quality Management Systems & Consultancy Services.